5 ways to connect with your erotic self

The key is to integrate your sexual-self in your everyday life and embrace that part of yourself as she is a part of your true authentic being. She lives in a world draped in sensuality in everything she does, where eroticism is natural. Here are some ways you can ground this into your life and to start connecting yourself with that tantric goddess you naturally are.

1.      Shift your perspective

How do you view sex? Do you allow yourself to feel pleasurable and erotic? Do you consider yourself a sexual being? We live in a society where sexuality has been shunned when there is so much more to the art of pleasure than what you are told, we live in a time where we are beginning to understand the power of energy yet overlook the energetic potential in such an explosion of bliss that we want to feel?  Desire for satisfaction doesn’t have to be destructive, it can be a tool for deeper connection and ancient healing. You are capable of so much more than just a quick explosion of a climax after stimulation, you are capable of mind blowing orgasmic experiences that wash over every cell in your body and for a moment let you forget where you are in the universe, such levels of bliss that you send out vibrations of pure essence that is your being that will ignite parts of your souls fire, to a source of enlightening pleasure that forever changes your life and how you view sensuality and its place in society since the dawn of time. Learn more about the light in the dark world of sexuality and you won’t just find a better orgasm, or how to climax without touching yourself, you’ll find yourself along the way.


2.      Play Dress Up

Wear something that makes you feel good, put on some lipstick, feel feminine and confident in your inner sexual being. The art of tease is truly mistaken, it is perceived as a creation of seducing men. Oh no my dear, it’s about your intention at the end of the day, wear those heels and feel good with the mindset to embrace being a woman and that you honour the Goddess within you. by decorating your temple in a way that pleases you and invokes desire within yourself. A good bra and a new hairdo is making the physical effort that can really boost your confidence when you’re not feeling to flash! We’ve all got a secret sexy style that we love, even if you’re the only one who knows you’ve got them sexy knickers on, you know you booty looks great and you get to allow yourself to feel that!


3.      Read Erotica

Porn can teach us damaging beliefs that lower our potential and vibration towards our sexual pleasure. Erotica however can inspire passion that can get your motor going in a desirable build-up of erotic intellectual pleasure, straddling the mind and creating connections that heighten your build-up of excitement and anticipation that inspires real sensuality within life. This will create a mind and body connection that can boost your desires and sexual expansion. The way our brains are wired, we sometimes need a little more stimuli then men do and that includes even with ourselves. Get in the energy of desire and read a cheeky novel, you may find out that you are interested in certain things over others which is good! We are all different and sexual fantasy is a great way of discovering yourself or even allowing sexual healing from emotional trauma in a safe and imaginative environment.


4.      Be a sunflower

Even I struggle to be completely naked around myself sometimes but that’s exactly why we need to do these little things, to start to get comfortable. To feel ashamed or unworthy in your own body is not loving yourself. There is no such thing as perfect so become your own cheerleader and love every part of your vessel in this life. Feel the vulnerability, allow and embrace the sensations and acceptance of the natural essence that is you, there is nothing more real than being naked! Especially out in the sun! like a little sunflower drenched in warm light, feeding the cells and rejuvenating, bringing you back to the fullness of life. Body shaming and sexualising the naked form is something we do in our minds, but it doesn’t have to be thought of that way. So just start with at least 30 mins a week of being outside of the bathroom with the aim to be outside in nature when you’re comfortable like in your back garden getting the fresh air and sun on that body, it’ll do you wonders in more than one way!


5.      Kegel exercising

Investing in a pair of kegel exercising balls can help not only stimulate your pleasure spots, it can strengthen your muscles and your orgasms including helping your bladder control. It also promotes blood flow to the area, lighting up all your nerve endings so when you do go for a pleasurable time with your partner or yourself, you can feel every little thing that’s happening. Does this whilst moving your body and not only are you getting your blood pumping and your heart rate up, you are stimulating the area. Even if you just squeeze your muscles down their throughout the day, it’s fun and easy and can be done anywhere! Definitely my favourite way to exercise!

These are just some tools you can use to start embracing your Yin/ Feminine energy and bringing yourself closer to who you truly are.