I sit here connected to the rich tapestry, created in the echo of the far corners of my mind.

Like theres something I’m missing, complexed and what I’m trying to find.

Like a memory that Im trying to recall, of a time and place living in the akashic records hall.

I take my pleasures to a place beyond the comprehension of the intellectual mind

A place where pleasure and divine become combined.

A fire that burns starting at the base of my spine, that sparks and ignites like snakes intertwined;

A magnetic force that flows through my being

That awakens my third eye for interdimensional seeing

Like an Oracle reborn, the goddess awakens within me,

The witch burnt at the stake because I see through the veils and the beliefs that are fake.

I see my inner self, so strong so true, like the markings on the stones in the depths of Peru

What a wonderous feeling to be at home in my heart, to be able to see the beauty and share it through my art.

Its apart of my soul that connects with the whole. It flows through me like the sacred wine that I would drink in celebration to the divine.

The divine within me that embraces myself, that breathes this air with an aura of magic and awe at my awareness of this holographic mind, that this matrix, this cell that I flow with through the sands of time.

The quantum physics of my energy drapes my soul like being blessed by the goddess with the finest  milk and honey, something that cannot just be bought with your delusional money

I breathe deep to realign my brain waves, how my thought forms dance and change how they behave.

This is the path of the Sensual Jedi.