We live in an ever changing world, as we shift our consciousness on a collective level. Plenty of people are starting to understand what healers are, chakra systems, meditation and other holistic means of healing on a deeper level. The old returns to allow us to realign with our true self, to break us from our ego matrix. The perception of enlightenment though has its own illusions draped in veils that still need to be lifted especially when it comes to sex.

It is important in this time to heal our wounds that lay dormant in our minds on a personal and collective level. And what is one of the most dirty and shameful areas of society….sex. The sex industry is one of the oldest yet we like to pretend that is doesn’t exist most of the time, it is one of the most profitable industries indicating that most people are getting freaky. Without the desire for sex, mankind would not exist as it is procreation, it is life, one of the core instinctual drives we have to continue on as a species. We are starting to understand and touch on the concept of Tantra but enlightenment isn’t all about the sweet and innocent, it is about the truth, it is about unconditional love. The conditions we have created around love have to come tumbling down. No you see the portal to escape your slavery comes within the depths of your darkness. It comes from the deep fire within your Kundalini that begs to be released, to burn through you existence, awakening your unconscious mind back into reality. The only way out of the fire is through the fire, complete integration and acceptance of self.

There is so much shame in being a sexual being, the deeper the shame the darker the place. To understand why people do the things they do is to understand what the soul is crying out to heal. To find pleasure in your pain, to truly let go of your control, your ego, in a safe environment can be a transcendingly freeing moment. This is what the real alchemist can transmute.

The ancient Egyptians created adult toys out of clay and were an extremely sensual society, with self-pleasure seen as a natural form of looking after ones body. There are even images of sexual activity, showing it as a part of daily life and in their culture as they recorded their cultural society



In our day and age the scene of sex in society is different to those civilizations but still offer an integral part of our human nature and how we can fulfill that need or heal certain emotional or deeper wounds. The more kinkier stuff such as the world of BDSM can offer a safe environment to allow yourself to feel the pleasure within your pain, to release that bind. Our perspective on what is wrong needs to be changed, look deep into the waters of your deepest darkest desires, tell me the shame that comes with it. Shame enslaved by a patriarchal system that has perverted the natural, perverted the naked body, keeping us damned in our own minds with the belief that we are born immediately into sin because we come from sin, from the realm of passion. The reason why you watch porn of a step-mother fucking her step-son and are disgusted yet your body gives you signals of arousal, then you find yourself craving the shameful so you watch the porn, have your addictive release then are left feeling even more shame because well you have been told to feel sexual is to feel shameful and now that’s where you have to go to get that release from!

Pleasure has been labelled as unnatural, wrong, dirty, bad; we have forgotten the truth that lies within this state. We have forgotten the cosmic capabilities that are found within the core essence of what pleasure means. To be able to feel erotic about a sunrise, to find pleasure in your body or just to feel fucking good. The true meaning of what it is to feel erotic, which is a part of our nature, the wave that flows through your body as you feel every cell awaken and pulsate. Shaming your erotic mind only makes it worse which can be seen in how dark you need to go to truly let go.

The worlds main consensus on BDSM in general (without going into specific categorised detail as there are alot of branches off this tree), is it is just a hush hush naughty world  or something completely forbidden yet they’re secretly intrigued by and finding themselves wanting to the peak through the door sometimes but it is perverted to do so. On the contrary, this can be the kind of healing you may need to do with your sexuality. If you’ve had a traumatic experience especially in your childhood, or you grew up with it ingrained in your head that sex was bad and touching yourself was a naughty thing to do,which we have been told on a collective level through our cultural, religious and conceptual beliefs that shape our society. This creates conflicting belief patterns around what your body and your emotional intelligence is actually telling you. This immediately creates a wall of shame and fear around the idea of sex and pleasure because your body and mind are sending two different messages. Once you start to associate shame with sex, you have made the link between shame and the natural urge your body has when it needs to release sexual energy. It takes truly diving into your concepts around sex and where your desires lie to truly heal them to allow yourself to really take your orgasms to the next level, to separate shame with sex, break those bonds so you can integrate your sexuality within your whole being, this is where your power lies, that passionate force within that if used consciously can awaken your soul and fill your life with passion.

How do you get to that level of consciousness awakened awareness? well you can start with yourself. How is anyone else even supposed to know what you like if you haven’t even been able to touch yourself? How is anyone meant to show you love if you can’t even love yourself? Your body needs love, it needs to be touched and caressed in a healthy natural way and that starts with yourself.  A conscious climax can have tremendous healing effects for the mind, body and soul. There is something beautifully Shamanic through walking the sensual path, discovering and healing your shame, your anger, your fear, your wounds,  and finding a completely different spectrum of feelings that honor you and awaken your fire. There are many techniques, rituals and teachings on this path but it brings you home to yourself.

Start to be truly honest with yourself in where your deepest, darkest desires are, that is where you can find a path back to your truth that lies behind the mask of the ‘I’ self and find healing in what is deemed to be your darkness. The deeper yourself can melt into your pleasure, the deeper you can be in your desires, the more you can truly show yourself acceptance and self-love on more than one level.