I live and breathe sensuality into every cell of my body and into every little corner of my life.

There is so much we can learn through truly allowing ourselves to feel pleasure in all it’s forms, to truly have awareness of our wants, needs and desires.

This isn’t just something that I have learnt, this is something I live everyday.

Once upon a time I was nearly 100kgs, hated my body and myself and I certainly did not feel sexy or that I deserved to feel pleasure. Through tantric sensuality and redefining how I love myself, I opened myself up to not only understanding how my body works but how I could deepen my pleasure and feel damn good about it.

We live in a world where sexuality is so misunderstood and kept in the dark, I am here to shine a light on this and bring us back to the divine pleasure we all truly deserve and are very much capable of.

This is the knowledge lost through the sands of time

This is the sensual path and I am your guide