There is no such thing as the ‘right way’ when it comes to Reiki, each modality is truly unique and a beautiful experience, it is completely up to you which style you would like to experience as they all bring something different to the table (literally).

So remember there is no one way when it comes to healing through source connection, the possibilities are infinite.


Traditional Usui Reiki =

Most individuals who have dived into the healing modality of Reiki would most likely have experienced this style. This is what the foundations of modern day Reiki was built on, created by Dr. Mikao Usui. This style of treatment has less physical movement and contact and may allow the client more of a quiet, relaxing experience.

Reiki 1 hr: $50

Reiki + reading 1.5 hr: $80 (recommended)


Tantric Reiki –

This a style that will open up your senses to a level of deeper soul healing. This healing will leave you in a state of complete bliss, surrendering to your pleasure and remembering your true state of being that you forgot was possible. This is personally my favourite style as it really connects us with our heart space on a deeper level, creating a natural experience around our sexual energy and how it can be used in healthy ways.

Reiki 1 hr: $100

Reiki 2 hr: $180

Reiki + reading 2.5 hr: $200 (recommended)


Shamanic Reiki –

I use the ancient tools of shaking medicine that will take you on a journey that you will be oddly familiar with on a deeper level, as you allow the healing style that our ancestors knew. You will discover your spirit guides and messengers that are with you in this lifetime, creating a deeper connection to your inner self.

Reiki 1 hr: $80

Reiki + reading 2.5 hr: $100


Distance Reiki –

You do not have to be in physical contact with me to receive a healing. Distance healing can be just as effective and therapeutic as it is in person, that can create profound shifts in your life around any issues from this lifetime or another. I have personally had massive transformations occur in my own life from distance healing and understand the power in this kind of work, as we are all connected in a greater collective consciousness.

Reiki: $20

Reiki + reading: $30


Note: All types of reiki focus on balancing and aligning your chakra system and assist in healthy vital energy flow