‘Tan’ means to develop or expand and ‘Tra’ basically means to liberate, so Tantra is about expanding and liberating. It can help every aspect of your life from work, sex, health, communicating and love. Tantra is not about sexuality, it is about sensuality, connecting you with your natural state of bliss.


Tantric Reiki –

This a style of reiki that will open up your senses to a level of deeper soul healing. This healing will leave you in a state of complete bliss, surrendering to your pleasure and remembering your true state of being that you forgot was possible. This is personally my favourite style of reiki as it really connects us with our heart space on a deeper level, creating a natural experience around our sexual energy and how it can be used in healthy ways. This is also a great way to step into the world of Tantra without too much physical contact, to ease you into this type of touch at a comfortable pace.

Reiki 1 hr: $100

Reiki + reading 2 hr: $180 (recommended)

(also mention in Reiki section)


Tantric Bliss Massage

Tantric massage is about surrendering to pleasure opposed to making it happen by force. It is about body awareness and can awaken your senses, creating a deeper connection to your wants, needs and desires in your life. When we can do this we can became more aware of our vital force energy and how we can use it to fill our lives with more vibrancy and passion.

This type of massage will include working with your sexual energy but the focus is on the whole journey, not the outcome, so you can truly dive into the present and just allow your body to release the stress and tension build up, to enjoy the experience in the mind, body and soul.

The techniques and exercises below are to help you truly see, feel and experience the sensations in your body, your senses and your energy.

This will include breath work, orgasmic sensation, intimate connection and touch and energy healing and clearing.

The experience can include:-

  • For Men:
    • Perineum Massage
    • Lingam Massage
    • Prostate Massage
  • For Women:
    • Breast Massage
    • Yoni Massage

Everything is done with consent which we agree on at the start of the session or beforehand.

1 hr – $180

1.5 hrs – $220 (recommended for the best experience)

Couples (2 hours) – $320

Note: There is no sexual intercourse or touching of my person, this is not the point of a tantric massage to begin with and takes away from the focus on your own feelings of pleasurable being and how deep you allow yourself to step into your own bliss.